Classic » Brigade Call Girls

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Here is yet another amazing find from the seemingly inexhaustible stream of quality adult 70′s films. This is a French language film called ‘Brigade Call-Girls’, that seems like – although it clearly isn’t – to have been made with the porn scenes as an afterthought. In a sense, the porn adds nothing at all to the film, in fact it seems to detract from a rather cool tale involving espionage, a deranged razor killer and the eponymous call-girls. There is maybe 20 percent adult material, but this one is interesting for it’s quality cinematography, attention to story and large budget. Almost a giallo, but not quite, a great deal of the conventions of that genre, but without taking it all the way to the end. Overall, highly recommended, and I hope someone makes subs for this one because I have no idea why it’s so obscure! It’s a fuckin’ travesty.



Classic » Chorus Call

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Think of all those shapely, high-stepping legs on Broadway chorus line – then imagine what’s attached to them! See for yourself how these sexy dancers get off whenever they get offstage!



BBW » Chunky House Call Nurses

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