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Starring Carmella Bing! Hard Cock Is Sweeter Than Ice Cream! BBWs Workout Hard For Their Health! Carmella Bing has gained some weight during her break from the Porn Biz, but she is back and ready to drop her panties and some pounds! When Beverly accidentally bumped into Christian with her huge knockers, he offered a chance to get paid and pounded! Delilah is a thick chocolate sista who breaks a sweat on a hike with her trainer, but she got her real exercise on his huge cock!



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Vanessa got excited about earning her 0 stimulus check for working out, but when Will saw her succulent 46 inch ass, she ended up getting paid and laid! Since Reyna is clearly the most qualified candidate in this edition of our program, we sent In Sledge Hammer to give her a high impact work out that will leave her sore for days! When Veronica’s trainer caught her sneaking a slice of pizza, he almost walked off the job, until she gave him a blow job and let him fuck!



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These ladies like the glamorous life. But cash isn’t their only obsession. These twelve hot scenes of classy German women pursuing their obsession with cock will leave you bedazzled. Don’t close your eyes for a second; you never know what is going to happen next



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Mit der Herausforderung einen Film nach den Wünschen der Zuschauer zu drehen, und mit einem Koffer voll Geld unter dem Arm, macht sich Dick Bush an die Arbeit. In fünf erotischen Stories lässt er sich einiges einfallen, um die Fantasien seiner Kunden wahr werden zu lassen.



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