Classic, Mature » China Sisters (1978)

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Classic, Mature » China Sisters – Essex

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Classic » China and Silk

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Ginger is in two scenes at the end of the movie. She plays a policewoman on assignment and ends up fucking her partner and another guy. Classic old flick with Harry Reams in the lead.



Classic » Geisha Sluts

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Asian poontang was a rare treat in 1970′s films and we’re excited to bring you this classic film full of hot Asian women.
An extremely sexy girl takes the big cock of a scruffy drifter in Hong Kong Dong. A smiling Asian sex pot is plugged by a young Joey Silvera in China Girl. Also included are 2 rare underground Japanese XXX loops from the Geisha Love series. John Holmes packs all of his meat into little Asian snatch in multiple scenes!



Mature » 1 Night In China

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