Classic » Hong Kong Hookers (1984)

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Performers: Samantha Fong, Bobby Astyr, Jean Quho, Loren Qui,
James Dalton, R.J. Reynolds, Sue Swanson



Teens » Teen Hookers 2

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Fresh in action, unexperienced, but burning with unquenchable passions they are the teen hookers. Cock hungry, aroused young beauties, craving for pleasures, and ready to try inside anything they can lay their horny little hands on. Join them to their reckless sexual adventures in five arousing tales, with the stunning teen star Murka and her friends.



Fetish » Violation

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You have the right to an attorney! You have the right to remain silent! You have the right to head? A corrupt cop swings his nightstick into action while a beautiful girl assumes the position. A wealthy socialite is thrown into jail with two lesbian hookers. Patrolmen and women in uniform do their duty in the precinct house. Just another city night. Sirens are blaring, the jailhouse is rocking, and big Stu’s filming facials. Arresting isn’t it?



Amateur » Seventeen – Russian Teens 6 – Little Hookers

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