Classic » Deep inside Misty Rain

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Bring your own slicker … it’s wet in there. What is it about the insatiable Misty Rain that makes her one of the most popular stars in the business? Is it her sleek physique? Her sultry smile? Her voracious appetite for pure, unadulterated, wild sex? Or is it simply a certain je ne se quois that makes her so darn desirable? Whatever the reason, you’ll be sure to enjoy this raunchy retrospective of her finest performances, hand-picked and hosted by Misty herself, along with a brand-new climactic fantasy scene custom-made from Ms. Rain’s own personal specs. Bring your own raincoat, ’cause it’s gonna be a drencher.



Mature » Jill Kelly Is Sexy

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If you could have the sexiest superstar for a night, how would you want her? Sucking your throbbing cock until you pop? How about fucking her tight, wet, pink bottom with her pussy lips grabbing hold of your massive cock?