Fetish » Mistress Precious Rides Again

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Mature » Sex Secrets of a Mistress

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Fetish, JAV, Mature » DAPJ-040 Yobi Butt Tree Arbor Mistress Story

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Fetish » Die Bi-Schlampe

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Mistress Silvia takes a guy home who she met at a bar. At the house she ties him down. She explains that he is now her slave and has to do whatever it is she tells him. When he refuses to wear women’s underwear and makeup, he gets a whipping. Together with her friend they train him to become a bi-slut.



Amateur, Fetish, Group sex » Bi Boys

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Mistress Alexis is back. Mistress Alexis has to teach Slave Marco a lesson! She’s caught him fucking her brother and now it’s time to teach him who’s really the boss! First he worships her long legs and high heels while receiving a caning with some verbal humiliation before he is bound in a 69 and introduced to the cock he’ll be sucking today.



Fetish » Why Be Nice

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Mistress Kendra circled Her spread eagled submissive. She teased him with Her wooden paddle and tormented him with Her long legs, driving a high heel into his dangling hard on. She squatted and dished out some CBT and verbal humiliation and then stood and drove Her knee into him hard. After some rough handling, She tied his balls tight and strung them down to the spreader bar. Producing the wooden paddle, She dished out some corporeal punishment.



Amateur, Fetish, Mature » What The Fuck

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Mistress Tangent is furious when he catches Slave Spartacus in her office, obviously up to no good. So she decides to teach him a lesson and teach him who’s really the boss! She humiliates him by making him undress to reveal his silky stockings. She asks him “What the Fuck” he was thinking jerking off with her shoes when he was supposed to be doing chores for her. She chastises him and has him lay down on the floor at her feet for foot domination. Next, she tramples him, makes him sniff and suck her toes before indulging in her CBT fetish!



Fetish » Best Of Forced Bi Selection

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This has got to be the BEST forced bi compilation movie. Contains lots of REAL FORCED cock sucking action right from my dungeon sessions including maid betty plus the totally straight married guys that have never sucked cock before. You will see how persuasive I really am when it comes to getting slaves to do exactly as they are told even when they don’t want to. Clips in this compilation include some from Wifes Revenge , Cumalot goes dom, TV wedding from hell , Mistress Primas visit , slut Jennifer and the Hanger forced bi with Mistress Scarlett Black. They are all the BEST SELLING clips from different forced bi films.



Fetish » Nightly Mistress

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Fetish » Mistress Red Slave Training

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Fetish » Mistress Gets Nasty

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