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The series that started it all… big soft mellons, humongous titties, thick meaty asses, dick loving chubby sluts.



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Imported from Germany, three huge frauleins unholster tits the size of Dusseldorf, bare booty’s bigger than Berlin, shove giant dildos in their cunts, lick each other’s pussies and take two dicks at teh same time. So who cares if they’re speaking German? Fucking is an international language.



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Welcome back to Meows purrrrfect cum inducing world. My sexy British pals have cum along on this adventure with every intention of making your cock stiff and ready to cum. As you know by now, us Busty Brits are kinky gals and in this DVD we once again deliver the fat asses, massive tits and plump pussies that you fantasize about.



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They’re back, they’re bad, and they’re big as ever! These hefty honies want some sweet lovin’ and some hard cock!



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Chubby BBW girls need love to and after you see their sucking and fucking skills, you’ll want to be the one giving it to them! Watch these horny plumpers with huge asses and round melons indulge in hardcore poundings! There’s so much ass and titties you won’t know where to stick your cock!



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You’ve got to be one sick motherfucker to get into this shit. So if you are, this tape’s for you. We’ve got more fat slobs than you’ll ever see at a hot dog stand. These skanks have been hit with the ugly stick not once but twice. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Get help or get this tape. You sick bastards.



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