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Roxie’s husband found out she was videotaped by Rodney when she came over to audition for a modeling job, and he witnesses her give in to Rodney’s advancing and the hard spanking her butt and boobs took which she totally enjoyed.
Now he’s turned on by the whole S&M thing, and has worn out the tape watching her suck Rodney’s cock. He craves more visuals, so he sends her over to Rodney’s with her hands bound behind her back.
But Rodney’s busy, so Roxie has to get on her knees and beg Rodney to spank her more and fuck her mouth with his cock. This time, he doesn’t stop there. He pounds away at her ass, thrusting in and out of her sphincter till he explodes all over her face



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Rodney gives these big girls the ride of their lives! He loves some big women, especially when he gets to spooge all over their faces!



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Devyn’s boobs are so big there was nothing left over for her brain. So when Rodney spots her on a street trying to raise money for breast reduction surgery, he has no trouble convincing her that he can reduce them just by sucking the air out of them. When it doesn’t seem to be working, he tells her that his air container has filled up, and needs the air sucked out of it. Hmm, wonder where that is?? But hey, she might as well get her pussy stretched too in case she ever marries a guy with a big dick. And finally, why not some free skin cream for her complexion. This girl is the perfect woman.



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Chubby Angel returns, a little slimmer, but still plenty to love. This time she wants lessons in how to be a good sub for her boyfriend. Rodney is happy to instruct her in how to obey his every command, enjoy a spanking on her big butt and huge tits, and take a face full of cum like a champ. Plus other hot, big babes to satisfy your craving!



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