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Take a trip with me as we follow Milo through the mean streets of Los Angeles as he moves from girl to girl satisfying his addiction of streetwalker population. Seeking help on his addiction to gutter trash pussy, but only to fall off the wagon time and time again.

First, there was Ginger, red hair, black booty shorts and a major attitude gets the shit fucked out of her. Then came Pinky. This poor little thing was out in the rain when we stumble onto her for some nice ass reaming. Next came Carrie. She gets fucked bent over the roof a car in broad daylight then we finish it off back in a room for a cum load in her mouth. Mr. Desperate then picked up Shannon. Just 30 minutes out of jail and started blowing Milo right under the 1st Street bridge. Then back to a cheap room to fuck. Finally, he picks up Ava. She was warned about him but not realizing it was him, she blew and jacked him off in the car. Then back to a room where he fucked her and blew another load in her mouth!! Wait till you see what he did before she tried to leave.


Studio: Anarchy Films/Python Pictures
Duration: 02:01:37
Quality: DVDRip
Format: WMV

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